Monday, August 29, 2011

Know A Man Who's Losing His Hair, He Needs This Information

Hair loss by brandiredding72

Hair loss can be a hairraising event in a man's life. When the first signs of thinning hair are discovered in your hair brush it is quite concerning. The trauma is equally severe when one first notices the scalp in the mirror looking back at you. Many men have a hard time dealing with men's hair loss.

Many see this as the finality of their virility and youth on top of some other things too. The fact is that hair loss does not reall mean any of that. In fact, the more you know about your hair loss, the better able you will be to cope with it. Below we will discuss a few of the best coping mechanisms. According to some studies, using Saw Palmetto can do a lot in solving this issue. The very first thing a man might think of when baldness begins is surgical treatment. Doing this means surgically planting new follicles into the scalp much the same way you would plant a garden. It is a little bit like a skin graft but for growing hair. Unfortunately not every man will have the same success and some will even look worse after this procedure. Many men experience an effect worse than before the surgery. Sometimes they do get what they wanted and end up with a fantastically full head of hair. Yet others will see very bad issues. Definately discuss this option with a medical professional before signing on the dotted line.An amazing kind of herbal medicine are Gymnema and you should definitely look into it more.
Another treatment method is the widely known Rogaine option. Rogaine has become a household name in many geographic areas of the world in part due to it's heavily marketed campaigns. Rogaine is one of two FDA approved methods for re-growing hair. Rogaine is not a pill you take orally rather it is a topical solution to hair loss. You apply the product to your scalp and, eventually, your follicles will start growing hair again. If natural hair growth is your hearts desire then this is definately the product you should discuss with your doctor. Unlike some other treatments that aren't proven effective Rogaine must be continuously used to support hair growth.

Were you aware that your shampoo could be the cause of your hair loss? Some shampoos simply react badly to the type of hair that you have. This is especially true of specialty shampoos or shampoos that have been prescribed by doctors. The first thing you should do when you notice hair thinning is try changing shampoos. You may just discover that fixes your problem all together. Obviously you'll want to talk to a doctor as well, just to keep your bases covered. Losing your hair can be difficult. It most definitely can deflate the ego. It is not a rare occurrence though for a man to loose his hair. It happens to plenty of men. There is no reason to feel ashamed or embarrassed by it. Thankfully, do to new inventions and discoveries, it is possible to work with your doctor to battle the loss of your hair. You might even be able to grow back some of the hair that has already gone!